Bill Palmer and Kaine

Tech Row Champion Bill Palmer and Senator Tim Kaine take in the FRC Virginia Regional at VCU 

In the News

There are many exciting FIRST activities and events taking place around Virginia throughout the year. These events are a unique opportunity to see hundreds of students leverage math, science, marketing, and innovation in a team environment where students build robotic solutions to complex problems which are posed to them under real-world conditions. Students, ages 6-18 years old, participate in these FIRST programs which involve research, collaboration with mentors, and, ultimately, strategizing, designing and fabricating a robot to complete various tasks.  Students learn in a pro-active format as they participate in FIRST’s hands-on project-based activities.

These programs positively impact lives, encourage students to pursue higher education, and change students’ attitudes towards STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects; ultimately, many of the FIRST Alumni are considering careers in STEM- related fields. These young  people will be prepared for the workplace of the future.

Come join us for an action packed fun events where students challenge their minds to develop innovative solutions!

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